The Steps
1. Overview

2. Genetics and the Cannabis  plant

3. In & outdoors - strategy

4. Planting Cannabis indoors

5. Shelf growing

6. Cannabis Lighting

7. Sea of green Method

8. Cannabis Germination 1

9. Germination 2

10. Vegetative growth

11. Cannabis Flowering

12. Hydroponics

13. Recycling

14. Planting Cannabis  outdoors

15. Guerrilla Growing

16. Soil growing

17. Security

18. Plant food and nutrients

19. Ph and fertilizers

20.  Feeding Foliage

21. Co2

22. Venting

23. Temperature

24. Pests

25. Transplanting

26. Male Or female

27. Regeneration

28. Pruning Cannabis

29. Harvesting and drying Cannabis

30. Cannabis Cloning

31. Cannabis Breeding

32. Sinsemillia

33. Sinse seeds

34. Odours and negative ions

35. Oxygen

36. Safety and privacy

37. Distilled water

38.  Cannabis Seeds and buds storage

39. Percentage of females



Germination cANNABIS


To get the best seed germination results, we advise you to germinate the seeds according to our standard procedure, with which we obtain germination rates of 95 % for all varieties:

- use a grow room with a stable temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.

- use soil with a pH-value of 7.0.

- the soil should not be too dry or too wet.

- sow the seeds in a container about 5 mm deep.

- after sowing press the earth lightly, this stimulates even sprouting.

- spray the soil lightly with water.

- cover the container with thin transparent plastic foil to achieve an optimal greenhouse effect.

- after 1 to 10 days the seeds will have sprouted. Now remove the plastic foil.

- sprinkle the soil regularly with water, wait till the upper layer has dried out, and sprinkle again with water.

after 1 - 2 weeks the seedlings will be strong enough to put them in a larger container.

We do not take responsibility for seed germination. We do seed germination tests every 3 months to keep our seed stock in optimum condition. All seeds from our collection are grown organically.



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