Cannabis Seed Banks

   Cannabis Seed Banks is  an online directory to companies selling cannabis seeds ( marijuana seeds ) on the web. The list below provides  details of many established retailers of cannabis seeds, the payment methods they use and comments from customers regarding the service  as well as the cost of the cannabis seeds. Quality of the cannabis seeds is tested through reviews sent in by commercial cultivators of cannabis in Holland as well as home growers. Should you wish to contact us and add a review or your own comments about a  particular cannabis seed bank  drop us an email here. Please Note we do not advocate you braking any laws of your own country by planting cannabis seeds where it is not permitted.

The list below is country specific and represents where the cannabis seed banks are based or where their source of seeds come from,  some cannabis seeds companies will stock strains from several breeders and hence act as a broker for the seed bank

You can find out info about specific  cannabis ( marijuana) seeds by clicking the seeds bar above or clicking here.

Some tips. apart from using sites like this to read reviews of companies if you are worried about a particular cannabis seed banks reliability send them an email if they don't get back to you at all or take two weeks it goes without saying buy the seeds else where. this applies especially if you are sending cash. also look at the prices some seed banks will charge you through the nose.( it is important to note that some varieties like white widow or cannabis cup winners will usually cost more)

Dutch Cannabis Seed Banks

cannabis seeds

Holland is the official home of cannabis  and there fore most breeders and many of the worlds retailers are Dutch based, Dutch companies usually offer good value, though we do get reports of poor delivery sometimes saying that almost all seed banks will have occasional delivery problems due to the nature of the products. it is cannabis seeds after all that you are buying

   Seeds Company Delivery Seeds Costs Comments site  

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

world wide 25-65 euros Top Cannabis strains good Prices and delivery clear and simple  with varying payment options  
   Marijuana Seeds from Marijuana-seeds.nl world wide 25-70 USD Range of classic marijuana( cannabis Seeds) excellent prices and good specials 5free seeds with each order easy to use with a clear site map and good descriptions of seeds, varying payment  
  weed seeds world wide 55-90 USD  more expensive niche cannabis seeds less payment options but some rarer types of seeds  
  Cannabis Seeds from420-seeds world wide 25-45 USD cheep and quality tough only several types of cannabis seeds the easiest to use, all on main page, several payment types  
  Buy Dutch Seeds see site 35-60 Euros  essentially as above but more expensive a bit more of a confusing site need to create an account  
  worldwide 20-150 euros  large range from many  cannabis seed banks Huge range, more of a connoisseurs site  
  http://www.effettoserra.biz/ see site see site cannabis seeds as well as other stuff that head shops sell small range  a bit confusing and descriptions are small  


UK based seed companies

UK cannabis seed banks offer surprisingly good value but usually get their seeds from Holland anyway as it is only legal to posses in the UK for novelty or souvenir purposes only prices are usually in GBP though sometimes in USED or euros

  Cannabis seeds Bank Delivery seeds costs comments site  
  Seed Bay world wide 10-100 excellent variety  
  weed-seeds world wide 10-40 top varieties and cannabis cup winners  
  Cannabis UK UK and some other large variation  
  Nottingham seed bank world wide except USA 45-200 good and large range of cannabis seeds with some rare ones though lots of inaccurate info a bit of a confusing site and lots of the information is inaccurate perhaps purposely  
  cannabisseeds.com see site see site been around awhile, = site is a little difficult to use no credit card  
  http://www.starbuds.co.uk/ UK see site small range of cannabis seeds , accepts paypal  
  420-seeds world wide $25-45 USED only $45 for white widow seeds as above cheap but  small range but all the favourites such as white widow have distribution in UK and Holland  

Canadian seed companies

Canadian cannabis seed banks are defiantly the worst value for money of the lot, and many have very poor delivery records, in our opinion  should be avoided at all cost unless you live in Canada , saying that there are obviously some good reliable and honest ones. Prices for cannabis seeds are usually in usd

  Mark Emery world wide $50-200 USD large variety and established but over priced lots of bad reviews sent in  
  Heavens stairway

Currently not selling cannabis seeds
world wide large variation again over priced but established with fair range average customer reviews  
  mary Janes Garden

Currently not selling cannabis seeds

worldwide 50-140USD  a fair variety of cannabis seeds but not very many payment options just cash and money orders stocks a fair range from several  cannabis seed banks  
  mellow gold world wide with


expensive wide range but very over priced cannabis seeds site is poor confusing and hard to Use  
  a-b seeds world wide $25-$100 USD seeds are quite cheap though we have had some emails regarding poor quality cracked seeds etc a bit of a poorly designed site and quite hard to use though accepts a few payment options  
  Ganja land world wide $50-$150 and $50 is for just 5  cannabis seeds a total rip off, and bad customer reviews bad customer reviews and a poor site and credit card option failed when we ordered  
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